Backyard Weddings – Keeping it intimate.

Hosting a Backyard Wedding can pose some unique challenges.  When Beth and Ryan came to us to plan their backyard wedding they let us know that this would be the case. Located on Lake Keystone in Pinellas County, their home was a beautiful and unique location to host their wedding.  They recently purchased the property a year prior and even though it was on 2 acres of land some of it was unusable due to “soggy” areas, overgrown trees and some trees that were in the way of their perfect ceremony site and had to be removed and/or relocated.

However, because of the property’s magnificent location, 6,000 sq ft home, size of the lot and their guest house, hosting their wedding anywhere else was not an option.  So of course, we were able to make it happen.  We called Southern Tree Service and Land Clearing at and received an estimate to install an underground drainage system in order to drain the water from the soggy areas, trim the over grown trees and remove a few trees in the way of holding the ceremony.

John Perrie at Southern Tree Service and Land Clearing was able to visit the property that same day, understood exactly what we were looking for and provided us with a clear and concise estimate.  After a few days we had full use of the entire property – everything was nice and dry, all the trees were trimmed and some moved – we had more than enough room for the ceremony and reception to hold 150 guests.

Beth and Ryan were ecstatic – which of course is what it’s all about!  Congratulations to the happy couple and thank you Southern Tree Service and Land Clearing,


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