Choosing a DJ

September 27, 2007

Most brides rank wedding attire, reception venue and catering as top priorities when wedding planning.  However, when reflecting on thier wedding day,  they wished they had made entertainment a top priority.  Hiring the right DJ is of the utmost importance.  They can make or break your wedding day

Here are some things to consider when choosing a DJ for your  wedding or special event.

     1.  Expect the least amount of service for the least amount of pay.  The best price is not always the best deal.  A Disc Jockey will spend anywhere from 10 to 25 hours planning his/her service for your wedding event.  They will spend time consulting, music purchasing and editing, setting up and tearing down.  Remember, “You get what you pay for.”

     2.  A professional DJ should be prompt in returning your phone calls and emails, as well as willing to meet with you and present you with his/her service.  They should attend the meeting with a list of references, an itinerary of the reception, a contract or agreement to secure the date and be familiar with your type of event.  More importantly you should like the person you meet and they must be the DJ that will work at your wedding.

     3.  When planning your wedding or special event it is important to choose a Disc Jockey that has professional grade equipment.  It is also imperative that they have back up equipment.  Unforeseen events do happen and a professional DJ is always prepared with a Plan B.

     4.  A professional Disc Jockey does not have an office job and then “DJ on the side”.  Make sure that this is their only full time job and that they have an extensive and up to date list of music. It is important that you let the DJ do their job.  Aside from the first dance, some favorite songs that you have to hear,  and music that you do not want played, let the DJ play “to your guests.”  This will insure that the dance floor is full and everyone has a wonderful time.  There will be many guests of all ages at your event and you are hiring a DJ to make sure everyone has a wonderful time.  Also, make sure that your DJ will take requests.

     5.  Lastly, when you have met with a DJ that you like and he/she has demonstrated the before mentioned professional attributes, do not hesitate to hire him/her.  A great DJ will be in demand and your wedding date may be taken if you take to long to sign a contract.  Do not pay more than half the total price of service upon signing the contract with the remaining balance due at the wedding reception.

Hiring a DJ for your wedding is a crucial part of the wedding planning process. Your DJ will act as the Master of Ceremonies; as well as, the sound technician, and the light technician.  They will read the crowd and pick the appropriate music to keep your guests motivated.  A good DJ will work with and coordinate the other service providers at your event.  Following this advice when planning your wedding will ensure that your wedding reception will be memorable for you and your guests. 

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