Wedding Planning – Seating Chart



When planning a lunch or dinner wedding reception and a guest list which exceeds fifty (50) a seating chart is a priority and Exquisite Events has devised some simple rules to live by. 


Specialty seating – the newlyweds sit at the center table which should be the most prominent table in the room.  The best man should be on the Bride’s right the Maid Of Honor should be on the grooms left, the rest of the bridal party may sit as they wish.  Sometimes the bride and groom’s parents sit at the head table.


The bride and groom’s parents can sit with each other or they can host their own table. Divorced parents can host separate tables.  The officiant can be seated at the head table along with his/her spouse if room allows or with either of your parents.  Some smart moves: try to put people with the same things in common together: college chums, work mates; friends, hobbies of interest etc.


Do have a children’s table in you have more than 3 children in attendance.  They will have more fun and so will their parents.  You can place coloring books, puzzles, and other games along with a candy centerpiece on said table thereby keeping the children entertained.


Do put the escort cards (seating assignment) in rows alphabetically.  These should be placed near the entrance to the reception.  Your guests will take these as they arrive so they can be used as favors or menu choices.  We at Exquisite Events have many ways to do this from of course Exquisite to whimsical. 


Don’ts in seating.


1)      Don’t sit all the single guests together.  They will spend the night feeling as if they are misfits or have “single” stamped on their foreheads.  Your wedding reception is not a dating opportunity – although some romances begin at weddings. Seat them with people they know or will have something in common with.

2)      Do not put elderly guests too close to the band, speakers, kitchen or any other location that may be loud or busy.

3)      Don’t seat more than eight (8) guests at a 60 – 62” table or more than ten (10) guests at a 70” table and “NO” not even if it’s a child.

4)      Keep in mind the flow of traffic to get to the buffet, bar, dance floor etc.


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