More Fun Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

August 18, 2009


 Wedding Cake Jewelry Enamel and Swarovski Crystal Crown

1.  Cake Jewelry- can you believe it!  Swvaroski crystals either monograms, flowers, wreathes even a tiara made into a cake topper for any event.  Lovely!

 Cinderella Glass Slipper Favors

2.  I came across a crystal “glass slipper” on  So cute! Would be a perfect way to ask a girl to marry you….”You are my one and only princess….the only one who fits in this slipper and in my heart!”  yes sappy, but it can be improved upon.  It could be a nice shower favor (it comes in a clear box with ribbon) or party favor at the wedding.  It could then be used as a paper weight at home or the office! Every girl needs a glass slipper! “One shoe can change your world!” ~Cinderella 


3.  I’ve seen a new trend towards brides using real lace to decorate their cakes instead of having the cake decorated, painstakingly, to look like their lace on their dress.  Takes less time and labor and therefore, less expensive.  The lace can be taken off before serving.  Cost effective yet still beautiful. 


4.  Another neat site is, Products with Personality.  I came accross many unique items.- love these lip balm favors.  I also loved the wine cork place holders.  There are so many ways to make your day unique and special.


5.  A wedding day tip:  make sure your dance floor is well lit.  I have seen many photos come out dim and dark due to low lighting on the dance floor.  Ask your photographer, videographer, or DJ what can be done to make sure your first dance is captured for eternity!



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Five Great Ideas For Your Wedding

August 18, 2009


 Make your wedding special with these great ideas.


1.  Use a photo booth at your reception for fun photos your guests can take home and a few you can keep too!  Provides hours of entertainment!!

2.  For your destination beach weddings….beach jewelry.  I saw a barefoot bride wearing a pearl wrap around her foot.  The only way to describe it is…a pearl toe ring with pearls that continued up the top of  foot and then wrapped around her ankle.  So pretty!!  See

3.  Don’t feel tied to flowers that match the bride and bridesmaids bouquets.  I saw a boutonniere that featured some pretty leaves, a Swarovski crystal and a branch or two beautifully pulled together and for the outdoors man, fishing lure, shell and other greenery…so apropos but stylish.  Loved it!  Featured in Brides Florida.   

4.  Have you ever thought of a spa party for your shower or bachelorette party? Why not try a mobile spa that can come to you?  Instead of taking over a salon, call your favorite place and see if you can arrange them to come to you.  There’s also mobile spas that will come to you.  If you can’t arrange it via your local spa or there isn’t a mobile spa operating in your area, try calling the bigger hotels they probobly have people who do come to your home and are professionals. Exquisite Events can help you arrange this as well. 

5.  Need help coming up with a creative gift for your friends helping with the wedding,  bridesmaids and groomsmen?  A personalized gift is always unique and treasured.  Spa bags with mani/pedi sets inside, robe or headbands to keep hair out of your face during a massage or facial are nice….make them spectacular by personalizing the bags with your bridal parties names.  What about a monogrammed beach bag with a pair of flip flops and sunglasses for that beach wedding or girls night out before hand!  Guys would like a poker set of cards, chips and carrier or beer or wine glasses monogrammed.  It’s the extra touch that makes the gift meaningful.