Wedding Planning – Cutting your bar bill…

December 30, 2008

Wedding planning can be a lot of fun, until it comes time to discussing the budget.  The bar bill is a great expense and that is where hiring a wedding coordinator can be of help.  Here at Exquisite Events we have worked with couples to cut their bar bill.  We have listed some ways which can help you:


1)      Forgo the full bar – We have found that by providing only beer/wine/soda and a signature drink you can cut your bill in half.

2)      Find a BYOB venue – choose a site that will let you bring your own liquor.  By it by the case and save up to 10 – 15 % off a single bottle.  In the state of Florida you can return unopened bottles for a full refund; whether you purchased it by the case or as a single bottle.

3)      Say yes to a different bubbly – Instead of the expensive French bubbles serve a sparkling wine like Prosecco (Italy) or Cava (Spain) – these mimic champagne’s bubbly personality but not their price tag.

4)      Avoid Designer Lables – Choose non brand names liquors and have house wines instead of premium brands.  Most guests won’t even notice.

5)      Use trays – Have your wait staff offer glasses of champagne and wine from trays.  This lets you serve less expensive varities without worrying about your guests judging the drink by the label.

6)      Think Tuesday – If most of your guests are local get married on an off night.  Sunday through Thursday.  Most people tend to drink less when they have to work the next day.

7)      Plan a Themed Reception – When you do this you can limit beverages to a few appropriate options. For example, serve wine for an Italian celebration or Coronas and Margarehttas for a Mexican themed reception.  These are just a few examples the options are limitless.

8)       Work with your wait staff – You can have your wedding planner work with your wait staff.  They can ask them to just clear empty glasses from the tables.  This avoids driving the guests back to the bar when they notice that their half full gin and tonic has disappeared.

9)      Open as needed – Have the bar tender start a new bottle ONLY when needed.  Other wise you will be charged for an opened bottle of “Johnny Walker Red” even if no one orders a single drink from that bottle.

10)  Time it right – Avoid “over time”.  At certain hotels an extra hour of open bar (average 7.00 per person) would cost you $1050.00 for a hundred and fifty guests.


Exquisite Events is committed to making your wedding one of the most memorable events of your life while keeping the costs within your budget.