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Why Wear White?

Most brides today look for a white wedding gown, but did you know that this color was not always in style? During the Middle Ages Western European brides wore dark, jewel-tone colors made from the most luxurious fabrics. Blue was a common color since it was the symbol of purity in the day. This is […]

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Green is everyone’s favorite color these days. You’ll hear “green” used to describe a vast variety of different products for your body, home, and now even wedding. Here are a few suggestions to making your big day fantastic with a smaller, healthier footprint on the environment. Rings— If you buy your rings new, be sure […]

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More Fun Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

5 MORE TIPS AND TRENDS!   1.  Cake Jewelry- can you believe it!  Swvaroski crystals either monograms, flowers, wreathes even a tiara made into a cake topper for any event.  Lovely!   2.  I came across a crystal “glass slipper” on  So cute! Would be a perfect way to ask a girl to marry […]

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Five Great Ideas For Your Wedding

   Make your wedding special with these great ideas.   1.  Use a photo booth at your reception for fun photos your guests can take home and a few you can keep too!  Provides hours of entertainment!! 2.  For your destination beach weddings….beach jewelry.  I saw a barefoot bride wearing a pearl wrap around her […]

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Wedding Planning – Seating Chart

WEDDING RECEPTION SEATING   When planning a lunch or dinner wedding reception and a guest list which exceeds fifty (50) a seating chart is a priority and Exquisite Events has devised some simple rules to live by.    Specialty seating – the newlyweds sit at the center table which should be the most prominent table […]

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Which Wedding Reception is Right for you?

DO YOU THINK THAT THE ONLY TYPE OF WEDDING RECEPTION AVAILABLE TO YOU IS A SIT DOWN DINNER? THINK AGAIN….. THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS…. The Lunch Wedding Reception While you may think that having a lunch wedding reception isn’t as fashionable and apropos as dinner, it does provide you with many savings and can be […]

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Wedding Receptions – more choices…

The Cocktail Wedding Reception   A Cocktail Wedding Reception can be a lot of fun but has to be planned especially carefully as the timing is crucial.   This type of reception is usually done in the late afternoon before dinner…happy hour time.  Though it’s my personal opinion that it could also be done late in […]

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Wedding Planning – Cutting your bar bill…

Wedding planning can be a lot of fun, until it comes time to discussing the budget.  The bar bill is a great expense and that is where hiring a wedding coordinator can be of help.  Here at Exquisite Events we have worked with couples to cut their bar bill.  We have listed some ways which […]

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing the venue for your wedding ceremony and reception.  The venue for your wedding sets the tone for every other aspect of your special day.  For example, it can dictate the menu, what photos will be taken, the size of your reception and bridal party […]

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Choosing a DJ

Most brides rank wedding attire, reception venue and catering as top priorities when wedding planning.  However, when reflecting on thier wedding day,  they wished they had made entertainment a top priority.  Hiring the right DJ is of the utmost importance.  They can make or break your wedding day.  Here are some things to consider when choosing a […]

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